Instruct – “To furnish direction and impart knowledge.”

Ant – “Small but wise (Proverbs 30:21)

Company overview

InstructAnt was born out of a desire to develop a business with a heart to serve.

Our vision

To be a positive difference in the finances of our customers and financial future of our clients.

Our mission

We aim to be a financial guide to help you understand and be actively involved at the level that suits you in managing your finances and in the processes and strategies in securing your definition of financial freedom.

Our Values






A few years before retirement my wife and I were looking for someone to advise and guide us into retirement. We were looking for someone who was both qualified as an Accountant and Financial Adviser. We wanted someone who was also knowledgeable in both military and APS superannuation schemes. Since we have a disabled person living with us, we required someone who was able to meet with us in our own home. We have found Andrew to be not only a person who is very professional in his advice, but we have found him to be a kind and understanding person who is always ready to explain and answer any questions that we asked of him. Andrew has advised us for several years and has allowed us to achieve our goals in retirement. I strongly recommend Andrew’s services.

Charles and Julie

Wisdom in Advanced Preparation